Software Prototyping

Create Blueprint Of Your Software Project
through Visual Prototyping

The Pre Development Visualization Process for a Successful Product

A successful software product needs a lot of preparation even before the actual development work initiates. Proper planning coupled with exhaustive research is key to success and avoids unnecessary issues during the development process.   

Experience the Woodiewin Software Discovery way

Coding is the last line of action. Previous to that, in the preparation stage, our software engineers and analysts along with your team follow a series of steps of communication to:

  • Clarify goals
  • specify requirements
  • chart technical specifications
  •  prepare prototypes of the desired software.

The outcomes of the discovery process are many folds which are as follows:

  •  It helps all the parties to be on the same page before initiation of the project.
  •  provides clarity for correct cost estimation
  • eases appropriate RFP preparation, and finally 
  • creates a warming and transparent relationship with clients.

Types of Prototyping at Woodiewin

UI Based

Here we prepare a basic static visualization to share our end of thematic vision for your understanding.It is readily editable and showcases the ethos of the final version of the product.

Proof of Concept Based

Here we delve deeper to prepare a miniature version of the software application for your team to check principal technology and allied features. Proof of Concept (POC) is applicable for cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do feasibility tests of realistic outcomes.

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